Monday, December 10, 2007

I was tagged: Six interesting things about me.

Finally.... Six interesting things about me.

First of all, after lots of contemplation I have to face it. I am not that interesting. But here we go....

1. I do not like cake. I like cookies, and I like pie. But cake is too dry. Even moist cake. Not moist enough.

2. Along those lines, I like to put ice in my milk.

3. Fresh jalepenos make me hiccup. I found that out on my mission. We had a missionary couple that would make a salad with fresh jalepenos. I could not figure out why I was hiccuping. It took a while to put it together.

4. I do not own a pair of tennis shoes. In fact, I own two types of shoes. Church shoes and work boots. I used to beg Jeanette to let me buy the girls boots, but she said no. Then, one day not long ago ...
I didn't even ask if I could buy Hilton a pair of boots. I just went and got them.

5. I love to watch movies over and over. Jeanette does not. I can have a movie running in the background while I am working on a project.

6. Probably the most interesting thing about me: I asked my wife to marry me on our first date. (Amazingly, she said yes).

Of course, there is a story. Jeanette and I met the day she came home from her mission. I knew her sister, Annette, while she was playing basketball down here. I would go to her games and met the rest of her family. I would sit with them during the games and really got to know them well. Her mom and I would talk for a long time.

Missions are tough, and Jeanette was having a difficulty similiar to one I experienced on my mission. I wrote her a letter of encouragement. She told me later, that when she got the letter and looked at the handwriting, she knew she would marry me someday. (She did not know just how soon that would happen). She got the letter in June and was scheduled to be released at the end of November. We wrote and sent tapes for months. Finally, the last day of her mission arrived. She flew home and was able to get released that day. It was a good thing, because we had a date that night.

When we met in person, it truly was magical. We went to dinner and then just stayed at her folks house, talking on the front porch. Somehow, I told her that I loved her and wanted to marry her. Next thing I knew, the sun was up and her dad came out to get the paper! Time for me to go. That was Thanksgiving 12 years ago. It is amazing how I have spent almost one-third of my life with this wonderful woman.

Just goes to show....I was right!


Jeanette said...

Finally you finished your tag! You are a very interesting man I must say. 12 years and I am still enjoying getting to know you...
love, J

lynette said...

I didn't know you don't like cake! Have you ever tried putting it in a bowl with milk poured over it? That's the only way Ammon's dad will eat it.
(That would make it nice and moist!)