Saturday, July 19, 2008


Have you ever been craving something and not been able to find it anywhere? When I was a boy and lived in Colorado, my Grandma Dorthy would make a green chile pork gravy from scratch. She would then make smothered burritos with this sauce. I have spent years looking for this sauce. When I would get especially desperate for smothered burritos, I would even try to make myself. The problem is, just like most great recipes, they are in the cook's head. Every once in a while, I would notice a can of "green chile" sauce and buy it. My hopes would be fall when I opened the can.
One day, in Wal-Mart of all places, I noticed this can. Though I had never seen the can, the smothered burrito looked familiar. I bought a can and took it home. I had been there before, so I did not want to get my hopes up. I opened the can and could smell the unique aroma to this particular chile sauce.
That was a few months ago. When we buy them, we buy several cans at a time. I was craving smothered burritos again. It was a tough day at work, so I thought it would be a nice treat. On the way home, I bought all of the fixings, and was very disappointed to see that we were out of it.
Today, I thought I would go get some from Wal-Mart. That place is not my favorite place to go. Especially on a Saturday afternoon. Especially when they are out of what I am looking for.
It looks like Wal-Mart is no longer carrying my favorite food. Since I hate Wal-Mart, let me further elaborate why I hate that place so much.
First of all, they probably stopped carrying it becase there was not enough return on investment. Some 25 year old stock analyst determined that the profits should be a little higher, so they cleared the shelves of a slow moving product to put something that would move.
I think I will save the rest of my "why I hate Wal-Mart" points for another day.
Back to the story. I go across the street to HEB, thinking they might have it. No, they do not. What should have been a twenty minute errand, left me empty-handed after two hours.
Here is how it turned out. I could not remember the specific name of the company that made it. In my mind, it is "Grandma Dorthy's Green Chile Gravy". I had tried to look for it on the internet, but couldn't find it.
My wife remembered the name and found the website. I looked on the website and found out that Kroger carries it. Just a small example of how wonderful my wife is, and how much she does to make my life better. Thanks J!

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Bobby the O! said...

It's pretty cool how wives can do that eh Jim? My wife does that sort of thing all the time, maybe not with food, but with everything else... I'm the cook.